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  1. vids
    Have you tried StudyPal? All my friends in New York use it to study in group for BAR
  2. Mayrasbarprep
    I hope everyone has some sanity left. looking for good one sheets for a quick read to just review monday. any resources out there? thanks!
  3. tshalsey
    Agency/Partnership Contracts (EBP predicted Con Law) Corporations (EBP predicted Civil Procedure) Family Law Property Trusts
  4. tshalsey
    Well EBP...Your predictions for the MEE were close to 100%!!!
  5. steve joesph
    steve joesph Boba Fett
    nice try …i can tell you're one those extremely bitter jealous type..liberal def.
  6. steve joesph
    steve joesph Boba Fett
    you're a bitch
  7. fuzzball