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  1. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member


    Enclosed you will find links to our free MEE Outlines. We will be publishing them regularly over the next few days as we update them. The outlines are NOT substitutes for you reading any other materials or lecture notes. However, they are short-outlines to reinforce and refresh what you have previously learned in a concise manner, saving you time from creating your own. They are not designed to help you learn the subject, but help you in memory retention.

    Efficient Bar Prep does not make any representations or warranties as to the accuracy of the information contained in these outlines. However, we have spent countless hours preparing them for your personal use. These outlines are designed for questions generated by the NCBE and NOT for state specific bar exam questions. YOU ARE USING THESE OUTLINES AT YOUR OWN RISK.

    Here is the current status of the MEE outlines:

    • Corporations (Uploaded)
    • Conflict of Laws (Uploaded)
    • Agency and Partnerships (Uploaded)
    • Family Law (Uploaded 7/6/16)
    • Trusts (Uploaded 6/29/16)
    • Wills (Uploaded 6/30/16)
    • Secured Transactions (Uploaded 6/29/16)
    • Commercial Paper (Uploaded 7/1/16) **This is not a UBE required subject, but some states still test for it, however outline is based on national requirements when it was available as an essay subject in 2014.**
    Please post in the forum any suggestions you may have to these outlines and we will try to incorporate them in future versions. We will be constantly updating these outlines over the next month. As always, Good Luck.

    **We will only be making modifications to posted outlines and will not be posting any additional outlines.**

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  2. VIrish

    VIrish New Member

    A & P is great! Thanks ! Saved me some serious time.
  3. Moha

    Moha New Member

    how about the MBE? thanks
  4. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Moha,

    We won't be able to have short outlines for the MBE subjects. Based on our work with the flashcards we are creating (which unfortunately will not be completed in time for the July 2016 Bar Exam), we just don't have the time to create better ones that would be offered by your bar prep course.
  5. Dave B

    Dave B New Member

    Lack of good MEE specific notes has been a creeping worry this week, thank you so much.
  6. FyodorDestroyevsky

    FyodorDestroyevsky New Member

    Thanks for this, gents. This is just what I was searching for. Ole.

    BTW, have you all considered setting up a link to allow users to kick you a few bucks here and there for your work? Something akin to the link that pops up occasionally on Wikipedia or LibreOffice? I would like to have a way to pitch a little money into your guitar case, as these outlines have value to me.
  7. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    We appreciate the offer FyodorDestroyevsky. We may one day sell flashcards or something. But to be honest, and it may sound cliche, we like helping people. The countless emails and messages expressing gratitude have been humbling. To be honest, just posting in the forum and liking us on Facebook is more than enough. Thank you for your kind words.
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  8. mIchael Faragalla

    mIchael Faragalla New Member

    Will you guys post anything you have on Real property? Even if its an old outline.

    Also, will there be a posting about the last 10 years of MEE topics seen on the bar? Specifically each year individually?

    That would be great
  9. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Michael,

    We will see what we can come up. However, as we have tried to create our flash cards, we can say that Real Property and Civ Pro are the hardest subjects to come up with clear and concise outlines.

    Are you using a bar prep course? We may be to work something out within that.

    As always, Good Luck.
  10. mIchael Faragalla

    mIchael Faragalla New Member

    Yes, I am in Illinois Barbri prep.
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  11. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Michael, we trying to find a Property outline for you. To be honest, our old outlines would not be sufficient to study from. We may have to generate one, but we have to write a couple more articles, finalize the MEE predictions, and upload more MEE outlines. We are just not sure if we have the time to complete one in time for this Bar Exam.
  12. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Trusts and Secured Transactions uploaded. Hoping to get the last two upload in a day or two.
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  13. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Wills uploaded, Family law hopefully tomorrow night.
  14. Nuri

    Nuri New Member

    When can we expect the predictions?

    Any predictions for Illinois subjects -- I know you are helping us a lot already, but just wondering if you have any information for Illinois bar and the subjects. I just moved here and I am a little nervous since I did not attend law school here.
  15. MEE

    MEE New Member

    Can you please do one for commercial paper? I have absolutely no idea what that topic is about.
  16. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Nuri,

    We have gotten a couple of requests specifically for Illinois. I guess we are very popular there. We will provide some predictions on Illinois specific material after our national ones. Please understand though that we will do our best, but we will be much more confident on our national predictions then local state ones. Any state specific predictions will be solely based on educated guesses and pattern recognition. As long as you understand that, and take them for what they are, we will be happy to provide them.
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  17. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Hi MEE,

    Like the name. We can provide a commercial paper outline that was based on what the outline of criteria for the NCBE MEE essay subject two years ago. This was when the last time commercial paper was tested on the ube. It should get you what you need, but it is not state specific. Give us a few days.
  18. MEE

    MEE New Member

    Thank you! My jurisdiction still tests it for whatever reason. Gotta love someone that is willing to take a promissory note for value :)
  19. mm_cabar

    mm_cabar New Member

    Do these work if I am taking the bar in California? I thought the essays and PT were california-specific.
  20. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Commercial Paper uploaded.

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